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Visual Image Surveillance Inc
This LCDTV was placed in the ceiling due to limited space. 
It will slide down to the desired level using a remote.
Fernandina beach home prewired & installed Low Voltage Systems.
 Audio, video, security, phone, cable, internet, cctv, central vac

We have designed this camera pole with a hidden license plate capturing camera inside with built in cooling fans. Amazing results 
day or night
St. Johns Landing Estates in Jacksonville, FL
Installed access control and camera systems including tag cameras
Springbrook/Summerbrook HOA in Jacksonville, FL
Installed Access control and camera system in clubhouse
Kernan Forest in Jacksonville, FL
Service access control system in clubhouse
St Johns Landing Estates. Service and Install access control system
Outdoor camera system designed for construction sites where the project can be viewed over the internet or your smart phone device anywhere in the world
Nema enclosure box with cooling fans where all your electronics are stored